Get active, get fit and get faster 
Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey, KT10 8EG 


The 3 most important things in your session - technique + challenge + enjoyment = sustainable commitment to maintaining your health & fitness. 
Build confidence by doing activities and exercise that suit your level of capability and that you enjoy. These include: walking, running (only if you want), rowing, boxing, skipping, body weight, free weights, kettle bells... there are options for us all.  
What I offer is the opportunity for you to try different exercises and combinations of exercises to achieve your goal. Yes, it includes interval training, HIIT sessions, strength sessions, bootcamp style sessions. 

What's your goal? Here are some of the goals my clients have: 

Lose fat and fit into that special dress or suit ? 
Manage menopause 
Building strength for your sport - when you train to run a race, how much time and effort do you put in to strength training? Are you sure you are strengthening the right areas? 
Being able to walk a mile or up the stairs without becoming breathless 
Wanting to be able to play football with the kids 
Need to manage health / diet for diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure 
To be able to improve time taken to complete a run - from 5k runs to marathons 
or simply just getting fitter 
My clients will tell you that my sessions are varied (you never know what you will get) and make them sweat but they keep coming back so I think something is working. The best feedback that I have had is when clients say “I did not know I could do that” and when they want to try an extra rep or 2. This is what TRY is all about. 
All programs start off with an assessment / baseline of what you can do and completes with a re-assessment to show progress. 
My market here is anyone who has lost motivation, is not confident with going to the gym or an exercise class, is not getting the results despite going to the gym, is concerned about medical conditions or is just someone who needs good old motivation. 
Why me? I have been overweight, lacked confidence with exercise and most of all I have done / do things I never thought possible. I have studied and learnt from great trainers, so that I can help you achieve things that you may think are not possible. It really is all about finding something that works for you i.e. TRAIN RIGHT FOR YOU. 
Individual session £50 
Block of 6: £270 
Block of 10 or more: £400 
Combo package - PT + Running technique: POA 
Group bookings for up to 6 people: POA (depends on number) 
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