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Run efficiently & pain free 

R started running and then stopped due aches / pains she was experiencing. She also found running (even short shuttle runs as part of gym training) hard. After her initial analysis we identified & implemented key changes to her technique. We also worked on strengthening muscles that were not being used effectively for running e.g. glutes. After the first block, R is running pain free and says she no longer gets out of breath. And she is running faster that she thought she could. The process also highlighted that the supports/trainers she had needed to be adjusted. In the next phase we will work on embedding the technique and start the programme to build up to longer runs. 

Good technique helps you to run faster & faster 

C spends her free time swimming in open water, cycling and training for triathlons. C wanted to be better and faster at running. Already athletic and strong, we worked on technique and drills to make her lighter and faster. Next step, developing her strength and capability for higher speeds on the treadmill and outdoors. 

Running stronger for football 

J, like many youngsters, loves his football. He felt that he was slow and that his calves hurt a lot. He wanted to be able to run faster, last longer and without pain in his calves. 

Run faster with confidence 

J, like many young boys his age, loves playing football. J ran fast to start with, but was not consistent and could not always maintain the speed. And he knew he could and wanted to run faster but did not know how to get there. Like many boys his age, J also often had sore calves. We first worked on technique especially posture, footstrike and how he used his arms. J was already feeling lighter and faster. We then worked on improving his speed. 

2020 Marathon Success Story 

Marathon success story, feedback from N... 
"The marathon went very well, finished in 3 hours 22 minutes. Some muscle pain last few days as you'd expect but the hip & shin pain has gone and no other joint pain which is great. I've attached a photo at the end with two of my friends who paced me the last 10k, I actually ended up doing a negative split because these 2 pulled me along for the final quarter! 
Thanks so much for the donation too, I managed to raise £3,500 for Princess Alice which is amazing. 
Below are some Strava photos of PBs I've run since starting training with you, happy for you to use. Probably worth saying that I was also running 5 times a week which definitely helps! But in the 9 months of training I did at that intensity I had no injuries that stopped me running (apart from my ankle from playing football...) which is amazing." 

Running to keep fit 


Running & ball skills for young footballers 


Young Adult Footballer 


Runner - 5km/10km races 


Mobility & Falls prevention for the elderly 


Young footballer 2 


Young footballer 


Rugby Player 


Marathon Prep 

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