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TRY was created after experiencing the transition from “I don’t think I can do that” to being able to walk, hike, run and maintain fitness goals with confidence. We trained and qualified to be able to be able to show you what you can do and coach you to reach your goal. We are born to walk and run. Running is pertinent to running races, fitness and sport. 
We specialise in coaching running and movement technique as it sets the foundation for being able to walk and/or run pain-free, stronger and, if you would like, faster! We work with adults and kids (from 6 years old), all levels of capability from beginners to elite athletes and provide exercise-based rehab for anyone wanting to get back to sport after injury or illness. 


Roshan-Ara has built up extensive knowledge and experience coaching clients to improve their running, enhance their fitness and recover from injury. She qualified as a Certified Running Technique Specialist and in Movement Rehabilitation with The Running School in London. She is also a Level 4 qualified PT and Cardiac Rehab Instructor. 
With her own love for running and fitness, Roshan-Ara has first hand experience of the importance of technique to improve speed, reduce the risk of injury and recover from injury. Good technique does not only apply to running, it is the foundation of all her coaching to ensure a high level of performance for all TRY clients. Roshan-Ara will coach, coax and encourage clients to do their best,showing them what they really can do. 


George’s knowledge and experience comes from his ongoing coaching as a Military Physical Training Instructor, a Running Technique Specialist and Crossfit instructor. He qualified as a Certified Running Technique Specialist with the The Running School in London. 
George has a multi faceted passion for and commitment to fitness. After changing his running technique, he managed to knock 17 mins off his time, completing the London Marathon in 3h16. Besides running and CrossFit, George also trains in Judo and Gymnastics. George prides himself on getting clients to their goals and beyond. 
If you run and feel like you are not getting faster, or you run with niggles or you feel like you are “just not good at it”, then having an assessment and learning how to run will make a difference. If you lack confidence, feel shy or just need motivation to get going, we have extensive experience and techniques that will help you move better, stronger and faster with confidence. 
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