East Molesey & Cobham 
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Bio-mechanical & functional assessment 

The way you use or don't use your muscles when running influences your efficiency, ability to develop speed and risk of injury. A bio- mechanical movement assessment looks at the way you walk and run. A functional movement assessment simulates regular daily movements e.g. bending to pick up something and also tests your balance and co-ordination. These are key components of running well. The 2 assessments together tell us what muscles dominate the way you move, which muscles need to be activated, where there may be compensations. This could be due to bad habit or previous injuries or weakness from over or under-use. 

Running technique coaching 

Once we understand the which muscles you are currently engaging the most, we focus coaching on those areas that will improve the way you move and run. The exercises aim to stimulate the nervous system, activate muscles which are not being used and then re-training them to improve your performance. There are also drills that will improve your balance , co-ordination and help you and your muscles adapt to the changes. Good technique continues to prove that you will move better, faster and pain free. 

Speed coaching 

Changing your technique typically results in you running faster and a feeling lighter and stronger. If you are chasing a dream or working towards a new pb, we coach drills and routines that help you develop the improvements you need to achieve faster speed and endurance. We advocate and also coach strength training to support your running.  
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