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Learn to run free from niggles, aches and pains 

If you experience recurring discomfort, niggles e.g. tightness or cramps in a specific area and continue to run or play sport, you are increasing your risk of injury. Assessing your technique highlights what could be the cause and correcting technique has proven that we can run pain-free. 
Coach Roshan-Ara developed hip pain post-run. After correcting her technique almost 6 years ago, she is still running pain-free. We have exercises that stimulate the nervous system and activate dormant muscles. Typically our glute muscles are not being used when we run, and yet they are our biggest muscles when used correctly they reduce the impact on smaller muscles and can make you run faster. 
Coaching includes exercises and drills that facilitate recovery from aches and re-training muscles for running with the correct technique. We specialise in facilitating recovery back to fitness after injury or surgery. Our unique exercise-based rehabilitation methodology is used throughout professional sports and private clinics within the UK and Europe. 
Note: We are not medical experts, however, we work closely, in a complementary approach, with physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports masseurs to ensure that we get you back on track. 
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