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All programmes start off with an analysis of the overall movement of your child including walking, running, balance, coordination and proprioception. This is used to identify what improvements can be made and how to approach the coaching. The assessment also provides a baseline which is used to track improvement. 

Movement coaching 

Movement coaching is designed and proven to enhance movement and body control, giving children the confidence to be more involved in physical activity and sports. We start by teaching them how to move with better coordination and balance. The coaching sessions typically incorporate a combination of balance training, cognitive movement training and movement development, using the Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) training system designed by The Movement and Running School. The process to establish this confidence involves repetition and practice of the exercises, both in the session and as part of the homework given. 
Depending on the child’s progress, we can advance to teaching running techniques. 

Running technique coaching 

Most kids get taught how to swim, but who teaches them how to run! This programme is designed to help your kids run more efficiently and faster with better technique. DMS training is not only used to improve movement, it is used in combination with the running technique to help your child learn and embed the new technique, and then improve speed. 
As with adults, technique coaching helps to prevent injury and can assist with recovery from injury or pain. This is increasingly relevant as kids have very busy active / sporting schedules and risk injury or overuse of muscles. The combination of technique and strength training helps to reduce this risk 

Speed and agility for sport 

This programme uses advanced DMS drills to improve multidirectional speed and agility for any child involved in sports including (but not limited to) athletics, football, netball, hockey, tennis and rugby. 

Strength and endurance 

More and more kids and parents are asking for help with strength training as the focus on strength is limited in their sports training. Once the foundation exercises and running technique are embedded, there is the option to include strength exercises and endurance drills for improving strength and confidence and adding variety and fun. 
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