Get active, get fit and get faster 
Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey, KT10 8EG 

Advance your child’s athletic ability, speed and stamina in sport. Sports training always focuses on skills characteristic for the given sport, but has anyone taught them how to move and run correctly? Who is helping them develop their co-ordination abilities, physical strength, endurance, speed and movement dynamics that ensure their fitness to play the sport? 

Who is this aimed at? Young athletes (10 - 15 year olds) who really want to improve their confidence, fitness and performance to participate / compete at school, club, county and elite levels. 

Do your children play or would like to play any of the following sports? 
Tennis / Badminton / Squash 
If so, with us they will develop their physical and mental potential as an athlete. Our aim is to help children get faster, stronger and more resilient so that they can perform to higher levels in their specialist sport. 
The day camp is just £39.99 per day per child and all they need is the will to improve their fitness, speed and strength. We will show them how. 

First footage from Summer 2021 camp 

Footage from Easter 2021 camp 

At this camp kids will: 
learn skills and techniques for running faster; 
develop their muscles for physcial strength; 
develop their cardio fitness; and 
increase their overall stamina and endurance for their sport. 
We are a team a coaches experienced in training adults and kids for multiple sports. Kids will be exposed to training methods used for running, boxing, boot camp fitness, rugby and football, to name a few. 
Camp runs from 10.00am - 4.00pm, mainly Tuesdays to Thursdays during Easter & Summer Holidays, subject to a minimum number of attendees. 
Book online here (In 'Title' type TOTAL ATHLETE CAMP) 
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