Get active, get fit and get faster 
Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey, KT10 8EG 


If you can’t run, then walk. Walking is the next best thing to running. This programme is suitable for: 
People who do not enjoy running but want to stay fit. 
People recovering from illness, injury or surgery. 
Seniors looking to get fit, stay fit and improve their balance. 
Walking is great because it utilises all the muscles in your body, if you walk correctly - yes there is a technique for walking too! This technique ensures you are working the big and best muscle groups that can aid your fitness goal. 
Walking workouts can be fun too - we incorporate speed and hill intervals, and we will even get you walking backwards. You will be surprised, and it has been proven, that backward walking can benefit mobility and muscle activation. 
The lady on the pictures below was on a walking re-education / rehabilitation programme as she was experiencing tightness in left glute/hamstings ahead of her Macchu Pichu walk. We got her free from injury after 4 sessions. 
We used a variety of exercises to stimulate the nervous system, retrain / re-pattern the way her muscles were firing, strength and various interval walks to build up her state of walking injury free. 
She completed the walk successfully and free from pain, and we used her last sessions to introduce running technique which she was able to pick up very quickly. 
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