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If you have suffered an injury, walk/run/move with pain or discomfort (aka a niggle), experience recurring tightness or cramps in a specific area, then it is more than likely that some form of rehabilitation is required to get you back to a state where you can move "free from pain". This does not mean that you need a full rehabilitation programme, however there are exercises that can facilitate recovery that will be incorporated into your programme so that you can learn to run without the hurt and compensating for the hurt which will more likely create stress to another area of the body. 
We specialise in facilitating recovery back to fitness after injury or surgery. Our unique exercise based rehabilitation methodology is used throughout professional sports and private clinics within the UK and Europe. 
Note: We are not medical experts, however we work closely, in a complementary approach, with physiotherapists, osteopaths, sport masseurs to ensure that we get you back on track. 
The lady in the pink - she was on a walking re-education / rehabilitation programme as she was experiencing tightness in left glute/hamstings ahead of her Macchu Pichu walk. We used backward walking and a series of mobility exercises for the rehab part of the programme 
The man in red t-shirt: Triathlete wanting to run faster and free from calf cramps. We use backward walking to help stretch calf and also activate glutes & hamstrings so that when he runs, the movement is initiated from the bigger muscle groups. He has already managed to get a sub 20min 5km. 
Last pic - Upper body rehabilitation exercises to reduce tension and increase mobility in upper back. 
Ultimately - rehabilitation programme and exercises are used to reduce pain and increase mobility needed to be able to move better and sustain being free from injury. 
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