Your goal, your pace!

Discover what is possible and sustainable… your goal, your pace !  One of the best trainers I worked with taught me the value of “keeping it safe” and “keeping it real” i.e. making it sustainable.

Build confidence by doing activities and exercise that suit your level of capability and that you enjoy.  Get into a sustainable routine to achieve and sustain your goal.  Here are some of the goals my clients have:

  • Lose fat and fit into a specific size of clothing (popular goal)
  • Become more functionally fit to be able to walk at least a mile without being breathless and improve functioning of legs (this client has a heart condition)
  • Maintain weight loss achieved so far, manage diet to avoid diabetic medication and keep fit for skiing
  • To be able to improve time taken to complete a 5km run for charity

My clients will tell you that my sessions are varied (you never know what you will get) and make them sweat but they keep coming back so I think something is working.  The best feedback that I have had is when clients say “I did not know I could do that” and when they want to try an extra rep or 2.  This is what TRY is all about.

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