What does it involve?

The first step is to get active and get moving.  To make it sustainable keep it safe and enjoyable i.e.  just TRY … Train Right for You

  • yes, you may get sweaty
  • yes, you may get tired
  • yes, you may ache
  • yes, you may need to do another 10 squats
  • yes, you will gain more energy
  • yes, you will build confidence
  • yes, your body shape will change
  • and are you going to have to do a few burpees???   Absolutely yes !!! (I had to … so you can too!)

The most important thing to learn / realise is that there are options and alternatives for everyone to help us achieve our goals.  Here are some examples:

  • Do you dislike running long periods?  Well, we can try short shuttle runs or brisk walking or do star jumps.  Another good cardio option is Boxing …. for fitness, not in the ring!  It is a great stress reliever and a great cardio workout.  It is one of my favourites.
  • Do you bend down to pick up a box or child?  Well the movement involved should be similar to a squat.
  • Do you believe sit ups are the best or only way to get a six pack?  Have you ever thought about whether sit ups are as good for your back as they are for you abdominals?  Leg raises are a good alternative and more aligned to natural body movement as you are flexing at the hip.  There are alternatives and other options that work the abdominal area.
  • Do you suffer from lower back pain and are you perhaps afraid of moving for fear of increasing the pain?  The real answer is to keep moving, and focus on getting the muscles surrounding the lower back more active to reduce the strain on the back.

If you want to give yourself the opportunity to work at your pace and be the best you can be, then discover what is possible with TRY.

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