Specialist Areas



Weight / fat loss: By this I mean being the best version of you, in terms of size of clothing, increased energy, feeling healthy and happy all while still enjoying life.








Functional fitness: I focus on improving functional strength and ability to improve your quality of life. I can support you to reduce stress by walking, enjoying the outdoors with friends or family, running after the kids and even to do those moves you never thought possible.






Body toning & core strength: 

We all want some part(s) of our body to be more toned or more defined e.g. 6-pack? reduce bingo wings?? (I had them too!).  But this is not just about how you look, this is also about training and using all your core muscles (there are quite a few) correctly to reduce the onset of or manage e.g. lower back pain.




Performance: This ranges from simply walking at a pace to keep up with friends, family and maybe the kids or running that e.g. 10km race a little faster.

Health conditions & medical referrals: I am qualified for medical referrals.  I work with people who suffer from lower back pain, diabetes, obesity and other health conditions.

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