My Journey

We all have our story to tell and sometimes even justify (to ourselves and others) why and how we get to that point where we feel sluggish, unhealthy, unfit and in my case, so overweight. It seemed to creep up on me while I was focussed on living my life. I was working hard, travelling, spending time with family and friends and taking care of others.  We all do it
and I still sometimes do it as that is what my life is about.

I wanted to be healthy – but looked and tried all the ‘quick win’ options I could find.  In my case (this may not happen to everyone), I would diet, lose some weight, stop the diet and then put the weight back on.  When I put the weight back on I was heavier than before.  After a few bouts of this (clearly, I took long to twig that this ‘quick win’ approach was not for me), I reached that point where I wanted a sustainable before & after

It all began after my first week at a residential bootcamp. This is where I started my learning how to eat, exercise and maintain the changes I was making.    We have to make some changes, but we can still enjoy the indulgences we love.  I kept my goals small, realistic and worked at my own pace.  Since 2013, I have lost and kept off over 90lbs.  There have been times when I have
put on a few pounds (it is normal and realistic for my lifestyle…. I enjoy cooking, baking and yes – eating it too 😉 ).   But I now know how to manage it in a way that works for me.



Now, thanks to very good family genes, there are parts of me that remain hard to change (I have learnt to love these bits 😉 ). However, I have changed shape…. lost weight… found new muscles…. found new energy…. am more motivated…. am happier…. am healthier….. and was inspired to get qualified and take it up as a profession.  I just love it ! 🙂

This is just an extract of my journey …. this was after I tried all the diets, yo-yo’ed (like a perfect heartbeat, but upside down) and finally found the best version of me!



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