Movement & Running School Kids

We provide special programmes for kids which take into account their growth, ability, size and sport. We will coach your child to move better and run more effectively, increasing their confidence and ability.

Move Better

Movement Coaching

This programme is for kids who want to improve their movement and body control so that they gain the confidence to be more involved in physical activity & sport. We start by teaching them how to move with better coordination and balance. 

Run Better

Running Technique Sessions

Most kids get taught how to swim, but don’t get taught how to run! Running is life skill that is the basis for participation in many activities and sports. This programme is designed to help your kids run more efficiently with better technique.

Run Faster

Speed for Sport

This programme is for any child involved in sport such as running, football, netball, hokey, tennis and rugby. 

In Partnership with

Choose Your PLAN

First 30 Min consultation is free: A discussion to discuss where you are vs where you would like to be and agree the best approach to achieve your goals. 

Nutrition advice and tips available with all sessions.

All training programmes come with a little bit of homework. This can help to accelerate your progress and ultimately enable you to be more confident to train with or without a trainer.

TRY Get active PT Sessions

Sessions are tailored to your goals using a combination of cardio and strength training to help you get more active, fitter and stronger.   Exercises incorporate multiple muscle groups for a complete body workout as well as specific areas that require special attention. I know from my own experience that some exercises can be daunting and the natural tendency is to avoid them. But there are ways to slowly build up to the so-called “hard” exercises and you will be amazed by what you can do. I still am! Most importantly, by doing it this way we build strength, confidence and believe me, we will have the best chance of achieving your own goal.

Individual session £45

Block of 6: £ 240

Block of 10 or more: £350

Movement & Running school Adults

This starts off with an analysis of wlaking and/or running, following but a functional movement assessment that reveals how you use your muscles, where there are weaknesses or compensations either from injury or just habits developed over time. Based on this we can then determine what needs to be done to improve your movement and coach you to either help you recover from injury and/or make you more efficient, stronger and, if desired, faster.

Biomechanical Analysis only: £89

Walking re-education
£280 – block of 6

Running technique coaching: Analysis + Coaching to implement changes.
£360 – block of 6

Falls prevention for seniors
£280 – block of 6

£390 – block of 6

Movement & Running School Kids

Kids sessions are aimed at improving body control, balance, co-ordination and agility so that they can participate and excel with confidence in all kinds of sport.   We all think we are not natural runners, but we can all be taught to run and running is part of many sports.   The combination of movement coaching and running technique will help build your child’s skills and confidence to run.

For those kids who already love running, the coaching will help develop their speed and agility skills and we will work with them to improve their technique to enable them to run faster.

Biomechanical analysis only:

Kids Running technique coaching:
£245 – block of 6

Movement coaching for kids:
£285 – block of 6